Man-Up over Christmas - NZ Herald Article

Annually over 400 people are arrested on Christmas Day alone for acts of violence - Maori Television, Dean Nathan, 24 December 2013

The combination of extra financial burdens, the stress of planning for the festive season, and an increase in alcohol consumption all contribute to an increase in family violence during December and January -, Daisy Hudson, 23 December 2015

None of these factors cause violence - there has to be someone in the household who holds a belief that violence and abuse are effective ways to get what they want. -, Paul Henry’s interview with Jill Proudfoot, 4 December 2015

Every devastating family statistic relates to what I call a 'MAN-PROBLEM'.

It starts in the home! The man has direct responsibility for the wellbeing and safety of his wife and children. You may find excuses to justify these statistics (even blaming the actions of our government agencies) but the truth is, our women and children will never be safe until the man chooses to MAN-UP to his true God-given responsibilities.

Men are the main factor of abuse and failure of the family structure but thankfully they are also the solution. If the man can be reached, you can reach the household.

Heal the man - Heal the family

Heal the family - Heal the community

Heal the community - Heal the city

Heal the city - Heal the nation

One of the major problems a man deals with is a bruised ego. This can stem from childhood, his family environment, culture and other external influences. Very few men escape life’s troubles without their ego being bruised – Ego has had a bad ‘rap’ in most cases. “His ego is too big”… “He is ego-driven”… “He is egotistical” but there is a place for a man’s ego to be ‘discovered’.


  • The opinion you have of yourself – influences self worth and self respect.

  • The understanding of yourself and who you are.

Your ego is a God-given gift and when your ego is redeemed, a stable sense of self is the outcome.

If your ego is not healthy, everything else in your life could suffer. You cannot have a healthy relationship with others if you do not have a healthy relationship with yourself.

Jesus said "Love your neighbour as yourself". If you really loved you, we would never hurt or harm anyone else... but alas, the violence, abuse, hatred, disrespect, heartless acts and behaviour tell me that a lot of men do not like who they are.

When you love yourself, you are healthy, trustworthy and most at peace with yourself. You respect yourself and think well of yourself.

In order to be healed, men need to get some things off their chest and there are just some things that a man can only discuss with another trusted man. Thank God for our wives and mothers and all they do to help us be the men we should be, but 'man-to-man' is the deep need of all men.

Many men are silently bleeding from within with wounds and hurts that cannot be seen - these men need someone to talk to. But this requires a trusted and safe environment where men can talk and share without threat or fear of being laughed at, ridiculed, belittled or thought of as inferior. This environment is where they are supported by those who have survived similar battles and help them move from being bitter men to better men, from being hurt to being healed.

New Zealand’s Children’s Commissioner has been ‘shaken’ to learn that The Child Poverty Monitor Report for 2016 has found 85,000-90,000 kids are living in severe poverty. –, Christine Campbell, 13 December 2016

The father is entirely responsible for the future and success of his line. The health of his sons and daughters is in his hands.

The power of choice and leadership is within the man and the household will reflect the health of its father. A mother’s love nurtures but a father’s love opens – unlocks his children’s limitless potential.

Fathers, let me be clear to you - your unresolved issues and wounds of the heart become generational pain and agony if you do not get some serious healing and belief in Christ Jesus.

God knows how men think because He designed us to think that way. He created man using 'rougher brush strokes' so we would flourish and grow in difficulty.

I believe that you should never deprive a man of the process of struggle, because it was in my struggles that I found my greatest successes. I had the satisfaction of knowing that I had given it a go and came out better and bigger. I would rather attempt to do something great for God and fail - than to do nothing and succeed.

Every man was born for a destiny in God's kingdom. Something inside us longs to burn for a cause worthy of our lives. We want to do something that will last long beyond one's lifetime.

Destiny Church currently has a total of 93 Man-Up groups functioning on a weekly basis, including 7 groups in Australia and thousands of men are being helped. With one Man-Up group at a time we will spread across the nation - and healing will come to our nation.

As I mentioned before...

Heal the man - Heal the family

Heal the family - Heal the community

Heal the community - Heal the city

Heal the city - Heal the nation

All excerpts from 'Sons of Thunder - Dangerous for God!' by Bishop Brian Tamaki

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